Homecoming Team Competition 2023 

Traditionally, participation in Team Competition has involved a series of competitive events and initiatives that earn teams points for each completed event or points for a winning finish in other events throughout the Homecoming celebration. The overall winner is named at the end of Homecoming, often at the men’s basketball game half time show.  

The Patriot Activities Council organizes and manages the competition and has dedicated time each year to encourage different student groups on campus to participate.  Historically, Team Competition has mainly seen participation from groups associated with IFC and Panhellenic organizations, with some other groups regularly participating.  

The anecdotal response to outreach efforts to clubs and organizations has yielded some important information. Smaller groups on campus feel they cannot make a strong enough showing at these competitive events to win, and therefore they choose not to participate.  We have seen participation in Team Competition wane over the years, even among the groups who would traditionally participate. It is because of this drop in interest, and in consideration of making participation more accessible to other student groups, that we have chosen to eliminate the overall Team Competition element of Homecoming this year.  

This does not, however, eliminate all competitive elements and campus traditions that involve such elements.

We will be continuing the tradition of the Lip Sync Battle, the Homecoming Banner Contest, and Paint the City, where student groups paint storefront windows of businesses in downtown Fairfax with Mason-Spirited paintings that are displayed before and during the Homecoming season. More information on these events will be available soon through PAC and the Homecoming website once our plans are solidified.