About Mason Homecoming 

Homecoming is a time to bring our campus community together to celebrate the one thing that we all have in common and that is our love of George Mason University! Alumni Relations and Mason Athletics are co-chairs with Student Involvement in these efforts, and we work in tandem to compliment and support each other’s work throughout this University-wide celebration. 

Mason’s Homecoming takes place in February each year and is one of the cornerstones of the Spring semester all around campus! The student side of Homecoming at Mason has consisted of a series of planned campus traditions that are funded and organized by either Student Involvement and/or the Patriot Activities Council (PAC), combined with an organized Team Competition, and culminating with a tailgate and the men’s basketball team playing a home game on a designated Saturday.   

Traditional events are open to all students and all employ and element of Mason school spirit, combined with individual themes dependent on the event. Below is a list of traditional Homecoming Events and when they are scheduled for 2023:  

Homecoming Traditions Schedule 2023: 

Friday Feb 10 Tip Off Party 

Tuesday Feb 14 Day of Service and Blood Drive 

Thursday Feb 16 Headliner in the CFA – Artist TBA

Friday Feb 17 NPHC Homecoming Party 

Saturday Feb 18 Tailgate and Festival/Men’s Basketball Game